Better Training Effect with Supersets

Super Set provides more pump in the muscles, increases metabolism and allows you to work out within half the time. To make the training most effective it is important that you do things at the pace according to your goal.

If you end up with breaks of several minutes between sets, there will be no fat loss. What else you need than shorter, more efficient and better workouts? You will train with higher heart rate, burn more fat and use less time.

The superset

The solution can be supersets. These are timesaving and efficient. Superset means performing two exercises – for example, bench press and seated row followed by each other. You can also do this with two exercises for the same muscle group. First, you do a set of bench press, then a set of seated rowing etc. This saves your time and makes training more effective.

Supersets and training time

Let us take an example and see how much time one can save on performing superset training. In the example, we performed three sets of eight repetitions each in the bench press and three sets of eight repetitions of seated rowing. We did the sets by following traditional breaks and super sets one by one.

With traditional breaks and sets of 25 seconds each:

1 set of bench press (warm up)
3 sets of bench press x 8 reps
4 breaks of 90 seconds

3 sets cable rowing x 8 reps
3 pauses of 90 seconds

Total duration: 10 minutes!

With supersets, you will work out with 30 seconds rest between series (the time it takes to start the second exercise) and do it in half the training time!

Increases fat burning

To train two parts at one time with supersets is a proven method among bodybuilders and fitness athletes – especially in competitions. By shortening the breaks and make the workout more intense, you will get an improvement in fat metabolism during exercise. This is because you are training with higher heart rate and it gives your muscles less oxygen.

So even though the training itself is shorter, you will burn more calories (at the time) and get a bigger combustion (EPOC) after the session.

Different methods you can try

The method is not for everyone and it is not suitable in all exercises as well. You should still try it. Most people find that they should avoid doing super set of exercises where the same muscle group are included in both exercises. It is also not a good idea to put two very super heavy exercises consecutively because the body needs a bit more rest after heavy lifting.

There are mainly three types of supersets that I advise my clients-

One - Horizontal strain / pull supersets

This means that you work opposing muscle groups (agonists and antagonists).

Horizontal rows seated rowing, etc + horizontal press exercises: bench press, pushups, etc. If you choose a bit technical and heavy exercise, you should combine it with an exercise that is easier technically. E.g., bend forward rowing + pushups.

Two - Vertical pressure / push supersets

Vertical press exercises: military press, dips, shoulder presses + vertical pull: pull-ups, chins, pull downs, etc. If you military press first, which is a heavy exercise, take a longer break before doing another set of pull-ups. If you train hard on your shoulders (in the range 3-6 reps); it can be advantageous to do pull-ups on a slightly higher reps range (6-10 reps) or vice versa.

Three - Superset on bone

If you train legs, it can be super hard to perform supersets, at least if you train heavy exercises like squats and deadlifts. Here it is important to have a long break, not just the muscles that work to get some rest, but also because of the nervous system that should be able to recover. There are still a few things that you can do to take advantage of the breaks a little better when you train legs. For example, if you exercise a front quad that is a great exercise for many thighs, stomach / back and buttock muscles, you can do a mobilization drill at the ankles during the breaks, which will also improve your technique drastically and will help you become more stable in the bottom position.

Option 2 is to do a set of Romanian deadlifts (which in my opinion is a much better exercise than straight deadlifts because more activation of gluteus muscles), and along with it doing a plank. (If you feel you can stand several minutes in the regular plank, try this!). This can also help improve your technique, and then you will get activated abdominal muscles largely and thus help you easily get stabilized lumbar efficiently during exercise.

Unilateral superset

This is one of my personal favorites! I have previously written an article about why unilateral training is something everyone should benefit from. By super sets, it will become even more effective.

To set it up

Now that I have come up with suggestions for different exercises you can start the super sets, here is a very basic suggestion for a upper body / lower body split you can use where you train upper body on Monday, legs Tuesday, rest Wednesday, Thursday and Friday torso.

Day 1 (upper body)

The exercises can be super listed consecutively, e.g. 1A and 1B.

1A) Bench Press / dumbbells – 3 sets x 5-8 reps

1B) Seated Cable Row – 3 sets x 8-12 reps

2A) Military Press / rod – 3 sets x 5-8 reps

2B) Pullups / pulldowns, wide grip – 3 sets x 6-10 reps

3A) Dips (triceps focus) – 3 sets x 6-10 reps

3B) Facepulls – 3 sets x 10-15 reps

Day 2 (legs)

1A) Front squat – 3 sets x 3-5 reps.

1B) Ankle Mobilization – 3 x 20-30 seconds on each leg.

2A) Romanian deadlifts – 3 sets x 6-10 reps

2B) Pallof Press – 2 x 10-15 reps

3) Bulgarian press – 2 sets x 6-10 reps

4) Walking lunge – 2 sets x 15-25 reps

5) RVC plank – 3 sets x max hold time
Finally ..

Before you start super setting, remember that it is still a time and place for a break in between for example, you have made a real heavy exercise taken out completely you should not necessarily always super set.

Running between each exercise is not advisable, so you do not end up fainting due to lack of oxygen. One can take 20 to 30 seconds. It is after all not a race!

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