Bodybuilding for Adolescents – Is This Too Early?

Bodybuilding is a sporting activity that attracts many men in their search to have an appealing figure that builds their self confidence and makes them be more wanted by the opposite sex. As an adolescent you would want also the same thing: to be seen as a male who is able to attract the looks of young ladies.

Bodybuilding for AdolescentsApart from this seductive feature, adolescent bodybuilding can be seen also as a way to build self discipline making an adolescent ready to step on the road of a healthy lifestyle. Contrasting with those older bodybuilders, the younger part follows a different routine since the reps and the sets get changed along with the amount of weight, the motivation, workouts frequency and even the setting of goals.

When starting on an adolescent bodybuilding, the specific workouts should not be done more than 3 days per week in the first period of training. Once the experience is gained then the frequency of training should increase. It is recommended for the adolescent to stick to this program as in this way he can avoid extenuation. This is supposed to be done at least in the first period of exercising. How long should the sessions be?

If you consider training for one hour, then this could be enough, and if you feel you can do more, you shouldn’t do more than one hour and a half. Pushing your body too hard your body would need extra time for recovering and thus to go out of your settled training program.

With the reps, sets and weights, you can consider that they are the most difficult parts to establish inside your bodybuilding training as an adolescent. These elements can be seen hard at the beginning because you need to practice them and see what can be the best for you. You should know that not all of those which work good with some bodybuilders can work well with you, too.

Make sure that you practice with reps, sets and weights of all types and feel exactly what is best for your body. This might last for a while, but at least you would know that in the end you would find the appropriate ones for you. It is a process through which every adolescent passes so, you needn’t be discouraged.

Setting the goals is a part that is mandatory in the adolescent bodybuilding. Set them in such a manner that they are achievable in a short time and thus making you able to move further with a settled routine for maintain the achieved body form. You could do this by taking a photo of your body and after training for a while see the changes appeared with your bodybuilding training program.

The rewards won’t be late to appear, as you would build that self confidence that every adolescent needs for gaining the attract ion of the opposite sex. You are at the age when self-esteem is very important not only as a motivation but also to make you feel good about yourself while preserving a healthy way of living and self controlling.

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