Muscle gain – Ways to train better

A lot of people out there are looking to gain muscle mass as fast as possible. But the truth is major improvements in strength as well as fast muscle gain are not easy goals to achieve. If you’re determined and you follow a simple set of rules, be sure to know that you can do it, but you must work hard.

Most people that thought of improving the way they look and seek to gain more muscle mass are not determined enough. Excuses are very easy to find, because most of the times a person changes his way of life and decides to follow a training program he is tempted to quit and go back to his old ways. Training programs can be tough on the body and in the first few weeks it is very hard to adjust.

Sometimes it may even seem like real torture. The thought to keep in mind if you are confronted with such a situation is that very soon things are going to look a lot better, once you adjust. Don’t give up so easily. And, fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to make your training a little better.

1. Imagine a situation where your life is threatened – if you are following a training program and you feel like you can’t continue, try to imagine you’re life or the life of someone else you care about depends on you lifting that weight. The mind is a very powerful tool. For example, when you’re doing chin-ups, you can imagine you are hanging from a cliff. The only way to save your life is to pull up.

2. Magnetic force – another trick is to pretend the weights you are lifting are magnets, pulled in the opposite direction. Whilst bench pressing, imagine the roof is a magnet and it is pulling the weights toward it.

3. Concentrate on the muscles – when you are training try to focus on the group of muscles you’re working on at that precise time. Imagine how the muscle is growing and feel the muscle fibers vibrating during the set. Also, think of all the blood and the nutrients going to the muscles and making it bigger and stronger. It won’t be soon until you start seeing some real results.

4. Negative or Positive thinking – sometimes, it’s easier to just imagine, when doing a pushing exercise, that you’re pushing someone or something you don’t like away from you. Concentrate on the same thought when you’re doing a pulling exercise, only imagine that this time you’re pulling something or someone you like.

5. Set impossible goals – when you’re about to do repetitions on a new set and you know you usually do around 10, think to yourself you’re going to do 200. But you must not only think it, but also believe in it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not going to do 200; the important thing is you’re going to do more than 10.

6. Try to think someone else is feeling the pain – it is without a doubt that exercises can be tough on the body. You feel pain and discomfort, especially in the first weeks. Just imagine someone else if feeling the pain, not you. It can do wonders.

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