The Secret Enemies of Your Figure

Not only skipping breakfast, physical inactivity, fast food addiction and snacking late at night are the cause of excessive weight. Sometimes, the key to the mysterious weight gain lies in the daily and most innocent-looking activities that you execute without even noticing their catastrophic effect.

Cup of coffee

The amazing black drink refreshes and contains almost no calories, especially if you create a habit to drink your cup of coffee without sugar. But the caffeine is the devious enemy that will sabotage your efforts to get in shape. Your heart is pounding and your stress level rises to the possible maximum even after only one cup. This inevitably leads to starving and consumption of even more calories.

The air conditioner

But how this modern convenience can affect your bodyweight and figure? The organism needs a lot of energy to maintain the body temperature. When there is a big difference between the air temperature and the comfortable for our bodies 24°C, then the fat burning process is not really effective. So, keep in mind that the comfortable heating or cooling of the room almost stops this process.


Many people buy large amounts of food because the big promotion packages are cheaper. You just have to eat quickly all bought food because it won’t be suitable for eating after 2 weeks in the fridge. It’s always great to save money when shopping, but sometimes it can do more damage than you can expect. Be careful and try to go after only “healthy deals”.

TV and Internet dependency

The television and Internet not only condemn us to a sedentary lifestyle, but also to poor nutrition and eating habits. Even if you’re one of the few that do not permanently eat wafers, chips and pretzels while staring at the screen, just the countless hours spent in front of the monitor are enough to increase your bodyweight due to lack of activity. While your attention is occupied with something interesting you won’t even realize when a whole bowl with popcorn is already empty. The absence of satiety signals during watching TV or playing games is proven, so try to be a more active person and don’t rely just on TV and Internet as main sources of entertainment.


Eating out with friends can also cause weight gain. It has been found that the amount of eaten food by any person depends on the size of the company. But what’s the connection? There are several explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, if you spend much time on the table then your attention is focused on the food longer. Another factor is the natural human tendency to follow. You need only one friend from the company to order chocolate cake for dessert and the weight gaining won’t be just a myth for you.

The secret enemies of your perfect figure are more than obvious, but many people just neglect their dangerous consequences and fail to maintain a good shape. Do your best to practice daily your favorite sports and exercises and you’ll not feel or notice their influence for sure.

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