Tips for a better muscle gain program

Most people out there that are already following a training program try to find out when is the best time they should do their exercises. There are a lot of opinions on this matter. While some consider the best time is in the morning, as early as possible, when the body is rested after a full night of sleep, others prefer to do in it in the afternoon or in the evening, when the body is functioning better. The truth is it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you do your exercises, as long as you do them properly and you don’t have to rush or skip important steps.

Everybody’s body clock is different. If some are feeling better in the morning, others find the necessary energy to work their bodies in the afternoon or in the evening. There isn’t room for right or wrong here as long as you feel energetic during that time. So take a moment to think about it. You know best when the best time to train your body is. If you manage to do that, you won’t have a problem getting the best results out of your program.

If you ask my opinion, I feel more energetic in the evening. That is why I have planned by program around 6 or 7, right after I come from work. But that not an exact rule. I depend on work, just like so many of us do, so if I have time in the morning or the afternoon I don’t hesitate to take advantage of that time. Like I said, my time of training does not necessary apply to you too. If you feel better in the morning after a good night sleep or you have some free time then, do the best of it.

If the time of day when you do your exercises is not that important and depends on you, your diet, before and after your training program, is an entirely different matter. A proper and balanced diet must be based on all those vital nutrients that help your muscles grow. Also, the diet, consisting of food and fluids, is very important because it plays a major part in helping the muscles recover after a hard workout.

What you eat and what you drink has a crucial impact on your body/s ability to recover after a training session. So, the planning must not only stop on your training program, but also on what happens afterwards, when your body needs post workout nutrition to be in the best shape possible. Because of that, some think that training at late hours isn’t the best time. You will not have enough time to eat properly, and eating shortly after going to bed is generally considered a bad idea.

In conclusion, if you want to gain muscle mass properly, you should eat properly, drink lots of fluids and leave at least 3 hours for post workout nutrition.

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